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Adapted Programs

Maurice Pollack Foundation Centre for Adapted Programs

For over 15 years Adapted Program participants have continued to train and improve whether from a stroke, progressive neuromuscular disorders (Parkinson’s, MS) or other health challenges. "Successful rehabilitation comes from exercising body and mind and the Cummings Centre provides so many opportunities to do just that," says Stefani Novick, Program Manager, Adapted Fitness Programs.

Adapted Programs

Choose from Art Classes, Boxing, “Broadway,” Caregiver's Support Group, Meditation for Brain Health, “Sing Me Your Story” and Tai Chi. For more information or to register contact Stefani Novick 514.342.1234 local 7201

• For a listing of all Adapted Programs

For classes for individuals with Parkinson's Disease

For individuals who are recovering from a Stroke

For individuals with Aphasia

Join us for Adapted Travel

• Explore issues in a Support Group

• Parkinson's Disease - Public Lecture

Adapted Exercise Clinics

Everyone needs a helping hand when recovering from surgery or adjusting to life with a longer-term condition. The Adapted Exercise Clinic is more than a rehab facility – it is a place where people with similar challenges exercise and laugh together and share ideas. “There is a place for everyone at the Cummings Centre,” say Maria Fragapane, Program Manager, Adapted Fitness Programs.

Features a cardiovascular conditioning facility and a specialized training room. Programs are desinged for individuals who are post-stroke, have parkinson's disease, MS, osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, COPD and other mobility issues. For more information on adapted exercise clinics or to register contact Maria Fragapane 514.342.1234 local 7246

Let the Music Move You
For individuals suffering from early stage Alzheimer’s or some type of memory loss as well as mental health challenges, music serves to enliven emotional and cognitive functioning and lift the spirits. Read the complete article Let the Music Move You.

Cummings Adapted Programs in the News, to learn more click here.


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