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Music Therapist Victoria McNeill

Let the Music Move You


So many beautiful memories come back to us when we hear a particular song or melody. Many of life’s most memorable moments are defined through a connection with music. For individuals suffering from early stage Alzheimer’s or some type of memory loss as well as mental health challenges, music serves to enliven emotional and cognitive functioning and lift the spirits.

”Music fires up all the engines of the brain creating a full-brain experience,” says Cummings Music Therapist Victoria McNeill.

Victoria sees individuals, who are no longer verbal or able to express themselves, fully sing with great fluidity and others reflecting upon memories thought long forgotten, while still others emerging, even for a short while, out of their isolation. Motor abilities can improve as music and dance are often combined to help participants move in more coordinated ways. Through the many varied programs at Cummings ranging from a sing-a-long format, to mental health day programs, drumming and rhythm to Broadway singing and dancing, music serves as a vessel to bring about change in peoples' functional, emotional and personal well-being.

"There is no limit to the potential of music therapy to improve overall quality of life and support individuals through life transitions,” says Victoria.

- Victoria McNeill

For more information on adapted programs or to register contact Stefani Novick 514.342.1234 local 7201

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