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Social Action Housing

The Cummings Centre Social Action Committee is involved in the public discussions that affect seniors’ lives. Its goal is to protect and advance public services and seniors’ rights in all important areas, including healthcare, public transportation, housing and income security. The committee meets regularly to review proposed government legislation and other public developments that may impact seniors. Subcommittees develop the briefs and discussion points for meetings with politicians and local groups, sometimes working with other affected organizations. Members of the Social Action Committee write letters and meet with Members of Parliament, Members of the National Assembly and City Councillors to make its concerns known.


Reports on the status of Rental Board delays for a hearing:
L'organisation d'une justice à deux vitesses : La catégorisation et la hiérarchisation des causes mises au rôle à la Régie du logement :
La Régie du logement sous la loupe : L'exécution partiale de la justice :

E-mail campaign:
Organized by Le Regroupement des comités logement et associations de locataires du Québec (RCLALQ) to Martin Coiteaux, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Land Occupancy, urging the government not to legalize the collection of security deposits by landlords. See attached email: RCLALQ courriel (groupe) & RCLALQ courriel (individu). For Committee, agency and individual participation.
To participate, cut and paste the text into the body of an e-mail and send to with a  copy to as soon as possible.

YES to social housing in Côte des Neiges – Notre Dame de Grâce
Social housing is a long-term solution to poverty, yet there are 2,505 households on the waiting list for low income housing in Côte des Neiges and Notre Dame de Grâce (CDN-NDG), and wait times can exceed 10 years.

Social housing is in danger. AccèsLogis is the only program in Québec that allows for the construction of new social housing units but in last year’s provincial budget, funding for the program was cut by half. 

It’s time to act so that the government reinvests in the AccèsLogis program. Decent housing is essential for all of us and for future generations. Stay tuned in the month of November for more information about how you can participate in the upcoming postcard campaign, “YES to social housing in CDN-NDG, NO to cuts to AccèsLogis.

For more information contact the Social Action Office 514.342.1234 or visit 5700 Westbury Avenue, Montreal.



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