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Clone of Advocate for Seniors

The Cummings Centre Social Action Committee is involved in the public discussions that affect our seniors’ lives. Our goal is to protect and advance public services and seniors’ rights in all important areas, including healthcare, public transportation, housing and income security. The Social Action Committee meets monthly to review proposed government legislation and other public developments that may impact seniors. Subcommittees develop the briefs and discussion points for meetings with politicians and local groups, sometimes working with other affected organizations. Members of the Social Action Committee write letters and meet with Members of Parliament, Members of the National Assembly and City Councillors to make our concerns known.

Do you think that there will be another election? If so, watch to see when the Social Action Committee will host a candidates meeting. You will have the opportunity to hear party platforms and get to meet the candidates and ask them questions. 

Social Action Committee prioritized this past year three areas of concern: health delivery, income security, and transportation. A speaker from Services Canada provided information at a public meeting about   programs and services available to seniors.

As part of the transportation dossier, a Brief was presented to the Commission sur le Transport des Travaux Publics: Ville de Montréal on pedestrian safety, in collaboration with the NDG Seniors Community Center.

As a result of advocacy efforts, the Snowdon metro station was prioritized for renovation which includes elevators and better lighting. The Committee is actively advocating for a shuttle bus to  transport  seniors from Cote St. Luc  to hospitals and  doctors’ offices in the Cote des Neiges area. This would include a stop  at the corner of Westbury and Cote St. Catherine so that seniors can easily reach the Centre by public transportation.

Resources to enrich your life are also provided:

You may be eligible for a disability tax credit...
This tax credit is offered by Revenue Canada to those who have a physical or mental impairment which markedly restricts your daily life. Depending on the date when your disability started, you may be able to go back up to 10 years and claim this credit. You may be eligible for this tax credit if you have one of the following conditions:

  • Restriction in basic daily activities such as speaking, hearing, walking, elimination (bladder/bowel functions), eating, dressing or mental functioning;
  • Legally blind; or,
  • Undergoing treatment for a disease or a disorder that, if withheld, would prevent the functioning on one or a group of vital organs to sustain human life, such as dialysis.

Need a family doctor?
Your local CLSC can help you find one, click here to learn more.

If you or your spouse are 65 years and older and collecting Old Age Security, you may be able to obtain extra monthly income through the Guaranteed Income Supplement.

For more information contact the Social Action Office 514.342.1234 or visit 5700 Westbury Avenue, Montreal.


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