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Volunteer -Training- Opportunities- Skills - Cummings Centre

New Cummings Centre Volunteer Video!

To view the recent Cummings Centre volunteer video, click here

Open House for New Volunteers

Let us show you how volunteering at the Cummings Centre can enrich your life and the lives of others.

Tours and Information
5700 Westbuy Avenue, Montreal
For more information contact Lynn Gordon 514.342.1234 local 7240

Volunteer Opportunities

Come share your time, and energy - volunteer with us. Gain new skills, make new friends and experience the joy of making a difference. Here at the Cummings Centre, we offer meaningful and exciting volunteer opportunities with flexible schedules – tailor your volunteer experience to meet your needs!  Give back to your community and contribute your time and energy. There's no limit to what you can do! There are new and exciting volunteer opportunities waiting for you.
To learn more, contact Lynn Gordon 514.343.3529 local 7240

So many choices!
Let us show you how volunteering at the Cummings Centre can enrich your life and the lives of others. You choose your role and your own schedule. flexible scheduling: once a month, or every day. give yourself a new opportunity to find purpose and fulfillment.

Vital Needs:
• Café Shalom - Servers
• Meals on Wheels - Drivers and Deliverers
• Tech Lounge Assistant
• Greeters
• Welcome and Information Desk

Exciting Volunteer Opportunities:
• Distance Learning
• Tech Lounge Assistant
• Travel Club
• Customer Service
...and more

Why Volunteer At the Cummings Centre?
We offer you a wide variety of volunteer opportunities with flexible scheduling to suit your interests and needs and your availability.  Join our dynamic team of over 900 volunteers who range in age from 12 to 100! Check out our Volunteer Opportunities page. See what's available for students.

Looking for Inspiration?
Our volunteers are the heart and vitality of the Cummings Centre.

Not Sure Where to Get Started?
Contact us at the Volunteer Department at 514.343.3529 local 7240. Also, you can find out about our upcoming events and workshops. Join our Volunteer Facebook Group for exciting updates and to connect with others who share your interest in volunteering. 

Retired from work. Not from life. Volunteer.


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