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Wellness Centre

Wellness Centre

Free Trial class
We encourage existing and prospective members to try any one of our fitness classes designed specifically for adults 50 years of age and older. To try one of our classes, please email Annette Vezina or call 514.734.1840.

The programming at the Wellness Centre emphasizes fitness that is functional, fun and related to everyday movement. The Wellness Centre is uniquely designed for the adult 50 years and older, keeping in mind that overall health and well-being is physical as well as mental. Small classes, personal attention and monitoring set us apart. Individual programs developed by the Centre’s professionals emphasize brain health, physical movement, strength,balance, posture and flexibility. The focus is on empowering and maintaining general health and enhanced quality of life as well as prevention and rehabilitation of injuries, back and joint problems and fall prevention. "Exercise is the key to staying strong, energetic, independent and healthy as you age. You must keep your body fit if you want to be able to enjoy other aspects of your busy life," says Annette Vezina, Program Manager, Wellness Centre. The Wellness Centre has a wide array of classes and specialized gym programs that will help you attain your fitness goals.

To learn about our wellness programs, click on links below:

Note - A fitness consultation is mandatory, at a nominal fee of $20, for anyone who wishes to participate in programs and activities. You must book an appointment by calling 514.734.1840.

Check out our montly health tip or ask about our interactive video to help you maintain perfect balance. Also offered are adapted programs for individuals with mobility problems and movement disorders. For more information contact Annette Vezina 514.734.1782.



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