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Yoga, Pilates, Stretch

Yoga, Pilates, Stretch & more


Yoga creates strength, awareness and harmony in the mind, body and soul. Practice simple Yoga moves and postures, and learn basic breathing and relaxation techniques. Improve sleep, relieve tension and boost energy levels. Excellent for improving balance.

Thurs. Nov. 30 to Dec. 21
12:45-1:45 pm, 4 sessions $25

Wed. Nov. 29 to Dec. 20
9:20-10:20 am, 4 sessions $25

Tues & Thurs Nov. 28 to Dec. 21
10:20-11:20 am, 8 sessions $50

MELT Method is a self-treatment technique using small balls and a soft roller to enable you to reduce the effects of accumulated tension and stress caused by daily living.
Tues & Thurs Nov. 28 to Dec. 21
11:30am-12:30 pm, 8 sessions $80

Pilates makes you acutely in tune with your body by emphasizing proper breathing and correct spinal and pelvic alignment. Pilates elongates and strengthens, improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility. A body with balanced strength and flexibility is less likely to be injured.
Group A –
Mon & Wed Nov. 27 to Dec. 20
9:20-10:20 am, 8 sessions $80

Group B –
Tues & Thurs Nov. 28 to Dec. 21
9-10 am, 8 sessions $80

Evening –
Mon & Wed Nov. 27 to Dec. 20
5-6 pm, 8 sessions $80

Find out about our Exercise Workshops or perhaps Meditation is of interest to you. Learn the foundations of mindfulnessfor deep relaxation, stress management and Brain Health. For more information or to refer to a complete listing, check out our Program Guide. To learn more about Wellness Centre programs or to register contact Annette Vezina 514.342.1234 local 7305.                                                                                              

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